Let's hang out in the bathroom

Let's hang out in the bathroom


The idea to design a bathroom collection started with a search for small and playful hooks for my kids’ towels and bathrobes. I found many small and practical hooks, but they all fell short on my playfulness criteria. Hence, I realized that it was time for Marnelly to launch a bathroom collection.

When I thought about the combination of kids and bathrooms the first things that came to my mind were laughter and splashes of water. It was therefore natural for me to search inspiration for the bathroom collection among animals that live in or near water.

The result was a collection of kids’ favourites: a crocodile, a shark, a dolphin and a ray. And to be honest, I think most adults love these water cuties as well!

In order to stay true to the Marnelly DNA I decided to bend the back fins/tails to create the hooks. And as they are made of solid stainless steel they are as sturdy and durable. They will last a lifetime or more and will spread bathroom happiness for generations to come!

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