Our production - Made in Sweden


The wall hooks are made out of steel and manufactured in Gnosjö, Småland. At Marnelly we know the owners personally and works closely with them throughout the process. They have great knowledgement and craftsmanship of the steel production. The factory has been around since 1894 and are now running with the fourth generation leading the way forward.
Our wall hooks are colored with powder coating, which is a well-proven method and an environmentally friendly process for painting on metal. It is a paint that does not contain any solvents or environmentally hazardous chemicals. The fact that the material can be collected and reused also makes the method effective if you paint small things and givs minimal waste.
Creating products in steel is great, as it is a material that is both long lasting and durable, which make it perfect for wall hooks and for being used in everyday life with kids. Lasting for generations, the steel is also convertible and 100 % recyclable and can turn in to new products over and over again.